Martha Roby goes after POLITICO for fake news

Martha Roby Benghazi Committee

Taking a page straight from President Donald Trump’s playbook, Alabama 2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby is calling out “fake news” just like Trump has on countless occasions.

On Tuesday, Roby stood up to POLITICO for a piece they published the day before titled “President Trump’s enemies list” that purported she is on said list, calling the story “fake news.”

“The term ‘fake news’ gets thrown around a lot lately, but this narrative from Politico really is pure fiction,” Todd Stacy, a spokesman for Roby, said in an email to Alabama Today. “Some in the media have a hard time accepting that Republicans are united and working together to advance a conservative agenda. The facts are that Rep. Roby has a good working relationship with the White House; she has been invited to several meetings with the President and Ivanka Trump; she has been clear and consistent about supporting the President’s policy agenda. But those facts don’t line up with Politico’s narrative of Republican infighting, so they get buried or tossed aside.”

Stacy explained to Alabama Today that no such “enemies list” exists and that POLITICO is creating a story where one doesn’t exist simply because the Congresswoman is now working to advance conservative issues with the President, despite the fact she disagreed with the derogatory comments he made about women in a 2005 Access Hollywood video.

“Fake news” is nothing new in the world of journalism, but it is a relatively new term to the American public that caught on at the end of 2016, after Trump began tweeting about it to describe stories that were complete fabrications.

In the months that have followed, Trump has turned the phrase into one of his most popular on social media.

But in Roby’s office, it’s not a term they use lightly. Stacy confirmed this is the first time he has gone on record calling an article “fake news,” signifying just how “fake” they believe the POLITICO piece to be.