Ed Henry calls Luther Strange a “snake in the grass”

Luther Strange_Ed Henry

Hartselle-Republican state Rep. Ed Henry is making it well-known he does not support Sen. Luther Strange‘s candidacy for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat.

Henry, the state campaign co-chair for President Donald Trump‘s campaign called Strange an “opportunist” on Thursday, saying his sudden support for Trump was not there during the 2016 election, and that Strange “was never on the team” during the presidential campaign.

“He wants to tell the people of Alabama I am doing everything I can to pass Trump’s agenda while he is writing letters to stop it. That’s speaking out of both sides of your mouth,” Henry said at a press conference at the Alabama State House.”

He continued, “I would liken to what Luther Strange did to like a snake laying in the grass waiting for an opportunity to strike and that opportunity where there was no risk was as soon as Trump was elected President. And that is when he showed up.”

Henry, who has been a vocal critic of Strange since his February appointment by former Gov. Robert Bentley, had intended to run against Strange, but later changed his mind. He called the press conference Thursday to “set the record straight” on who supported Trump.

“I really just want our politicians in this state to say what they mean and mean what they say and the people of this state be able to know this is the truth. We do not have that right now with our Senator Strange or “strange” Senator, which ever way you want to flip it,” added Henry.