Trump or Sessions: Where will Cliff Sims’ loyalties lie?

Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump

Alabama’s own Cliff Sims was plucked from relative obscurity, running a statewide political blog, and given a plum job in the Trump campaign and later White House.

Sims’ financial disclosures show he took a financial hit in taking his new post as the Special Assistant to President Donald Trump and the White House Assistant Communications Director. In this role, he pulls a cool $115,000, whereas he previously banked somewhere around $330,435 between Yellowhammer Multimedia and Yellowhammer Strategies.

Which begs the question — how did he get this job in the first place? All signs point to his close relationship to former Senator Jeff Sessions and his staff.

So, with Trump now on the warpath against Sessions, who was once one of his most trusted advisers, where does that leave Sims?

Should Trump push out one of his earliest supporters does Sims leave too, or does he stay? If he stays, does he risk being seen as betraying Sessions or risk being seen as a potential liability to Trump’s team and those behind the efforts to undermine Sessions?

Here’s hoping the Russia investigation blows over sooner rather than later, and Sessions keeps his post.

After the Obama administration, there’s much to be done in the attorney general’s office to get our nation back on track. If Russia stays the major issue of the day, chasing out Sessions, we will finally get our answer of both Trump’s and Sims’ loyalties.