All I want in our Senate race is a time machine

Mo Brooks_Roy Moore_Luther Strange

If Roy Moore, Mo Brooks and Luther Strange were in grade school, I’d give them all a time out while I looked for a time machine so that they could each undo some of their biggest mistakes in this election.

There’s little doubt that unless something changes soon, a run off for the U.S. Senate is inevitable and the top two will be from among these three candidates. Only rather than one racing to the top to earn votes it seems we voters are going to be left wondering which one will end up atop the dog pile in their race to the bottom.

The person with the cleanest campaign right now is Moore, but rather than stay out of the headlines while he’s seemingly leading the pack; he can’t seem to stop talking about Islam, which he has quite the history in doing.

Roy, keep your eye on the prize. Take your own advice that you gave to Brooks just earlier this week:

The United States faces bigger, more pressing problems, Moore said, and those issues are what should be addressed during a Senate race, not whether to legalize medical marijuana.

You should change “legalize medical marijuana” to a more relevant subject — tax reform, health care, education, national security or defense. That’s where you should be focusing.

Then we’ve got Brooks claiming to be all-in for Donald Trump, when there’s substantial evidence he wasn’t. Like this radio interview in October of 2016 (start at minute 2 if you want to save time). If only there were a time machine to make him clarify his position before the November election. His words and his check-writing seem to be contradictory to being pro-Trump.

Then, as if the ‘did he’ or ‘didn’t he’ argument wasn’t enough, then we have his new campaign ad featuring the Scalise shooting, which made my skin crawl. I wish I could not only unsee it but also that he wouldn’t have ever agreed with whoever said it was a good idea in the first place. It was disgusting.

Finally, we’ve got Strange, who hasn’t been able to shake the dirty feeling that he made a bad deal with the Love Guv to keep the seat warm. I wish he had a time machine to pass on the appointment altogether, and take a clean shot at the seat during the special election. A Strange candidacy without the governor’s finger prints would be that much better to watch and easier to stomach.

Frankly, I wish we had a time machine that would allow us to go back and just keep Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the seat. Considering all the negativity surrounding this race, piled on top of Trump’s recent attacks on him — that would certainly simplify this mess.


  1. Sessions needs to be back on Mobile. He gave up the sure thing for his pie in the sky job. How’s that working out for you Jeffrey?

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