Jim Zeigler says Jeff Sessions could dominate Alabama governor’s race

Jim Zeigler and Jeff Sessions
With U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in President Donald Trump‘s crosshairs, one Alabama politician has an idea for the former Alabama senator should he ultimately resign or be fired — he could return to the Yellowhammer State and run for governor in the 2018 state elections.
According to State Auditor Jim Zeigler, who’s considering a gubernatorial run himself, Sessions would “be the instant frontrunner and clear out many candidates.
“Sessions for governor could possibly scare out Gov. Kay Ivey, Mayor Tommy Battle, Twinkle Cavanaugh, John McMillan and me,” Zeigler said. “There would likely only be nominal candidates to oppose Sessions.”
Zeigler filed an exploratory campaign for governor last month after he passed the $1,000 threshold requiring filing with the secretary of state.  But he says a Sessions’ candidacy would mean the end of his own exploratory campaign.
“Sessions has missed the deadline to run as a Republican for his old senate seat. A write-in campaign in the August 15 primary is extremely difficult and is not Sessions’ style,” continued Zeigler. “A campaign as an independent in the December 12 general election would require 35,000 signatures by August 15. It would also create a risk of splitting the Republican vote and giving the seat to a Democrat.”
“I do not expect a 2017 campaign by Sessions.”
Thus enter the idea of Sessions running for governor. Over a year away, there’s still an easy on-ramp for Sessions to jump into the race.
Should he join the crowded field, Zeigler says he would withdraw his potential candidacy, in which case he would seek re-election as state auditor.


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