Loose lips sink ships: Is Anthony Scaramucci solving Donald Trump’s biggest comms problem?

Anthony Scaramucci

We’ve all heard the phrase, dating back to WWII: “Loose lips sink ships.”

That bit of propaganda was meant to stop people from giving away troop locations or other information during casual conversations that could be used by enemies.

Right now, Donald Trump‘s administration is dealing with their own version(s) of this. Trump and his leadership have repeatedly struggled, practically since the moment the president was sworn in, with internal leaks to the press undermining the president’s agenda, as well as that of his chief of staff and senior advisors.

The other problem is the prevalence of media stories having nothing to do with the work or accomplishments of the administration, and are actively working to take away from them. The problem — based on news stories – is that they’re going after the wrong problem by attempting an internal witch hunt for the leakers.

Newly named Communications Director (CD) Anthony Scaramucci has declared it his mission to ferret out those sources that have continually leaked information to the media, which has, in turn, plagued the White House and distracted from the mission to Make America Great Again.

According to the NYT, during an impromptu press briefing, Scaramucci said: “I’m going to fire everybody.” His threats and efforts have already led to the resignation of Micheal Short, a member of the press team.

The problem, however, is that the actual source of the news that is taking away from the administration’s incredible work — President Donald Trump himself.

By his own words, often through tweets (but also the occasional actual statement), Trump undermines his own efforts and team morale. What’s the Mooch to do?

What’s the Mooch to do?

Where many have tried and failed, he has to continue attempting to make Trump understand the consequences of his style. Yes, his tweets and brutal honesty led to the surprise upset of a crowded primary and can be credited with his overall win.

But now, it’s as if he’s fighting himself and his agenda, calling attention to all the wrong things at all the wrong times.

From the Morning Joe mess to his Comey/Russia tweets and now attacks on Sessions, the media and nation are distracted from the real work of his administration.

If his new communications director is going to get the train back on track rather than ignore and make excuses for Trump, he must play hardball and find a way to demonstrate the facts.

One doesn’t have to look much further than the lack of attention for the positive things the administration has done or it’s victories to see that the news cycle is dominated by trivial things Trump is tweeting.  Or worse, the drama he has created among his own supporters (*cough* Sessions *cough*).

Trump has an ability to hijack a news cycle; why not use that power for his own good? Rather than tear down his team why not build them up? Why not talk about what’s happening at HHS, Energy, Environmental Protection Agency and throughout the administration? Why not vent about his appointees who aren’t getting hearings?

Why not be the positive voice we need?

The new CD has a real opportunity here, but it’s going to take bold leadership. It’s going to require discipline. It’s going to require consistency.

If I had the chance to give a pep talk, I’d tell him I believe in him. I believe in Trump. I believe in the team Trump has pulled together. I believe we can Make America Great Again.

We just have to keep our eye on the prize and remind our president that tearing down Sessions and belittling poorly rated TV hosts won’t cement the legacy that Trump wants — only results can (and will) do that.