New SLF ad attacks Mo Brooks on Donald Trump, war funding


With about two weeks before the Alabama U.S. Senate Republican primary, Mo Brooks is once again on the receiving end of a new attack ad from the Senate Leadership Fund.

First reported by POLITICO, “’Back’ Al,” which launched last week, features several direct-to-camera interviews of Alabamians attacking Brooks, the Huntsville Republican congressman seeking Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat.

“Mo Brooks said we can’t trust Donald Trump,” a woman says in the ad opening. “You know what I don’t trust? Career politicians like Mo Brooks.”

The 30-second spot touches on Brooks’ votes against continuing resolutions by featuring military veterans accusing Brooks of “voting to cut off funding to fight ISIS.”

A second veteran says: “We fought for our freedom … Brooks, he fought to cut off funding.”

“Mo Brooks didn’t have my back, and he won’t be getting my vote,” another veteran says. Watch the ad here on YouTube.

Brooks, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and sitting Sen. Luther Strange are part of the 9-person field running in the midsummer Republican U.S. Senate primary.

Senate Leadership Fund, the group behind the ad, is a political committee controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. SLF is strongly backing Strange in the Senate race.

For his part, Moore — a member of the House Freedom Caucus — has returned the criticism. During a recent breakfast event hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Brooks called for the leader’s ouster as “head of the swamp.”

“Inside the Republican conference, Mitch McConnell’s got to go,” Brooks said. “Absolutely, he is the head of the swamp in the United States Senate.”

New WBRC polling puts the race at a statistical tie between Moore and Strange.

Strange received 35 percent of “likely” registered voters, with Moore getting 33 percent. Brooks took 16 percent.

Alabama voters have until Aug. 10 to apply for an absentee ballot for the Aug. 15 primary. If there is no winner — with 50 percent plus one of the vote — a runoff is Sept. 26; the general election is Dec. 12.