House health committee in favor of patients’ “right to try”

Right to Try Gabe

Patients in Alabama with terminal conditions may soon have to the “right to try” certain promising medications. A House health panel gave a favorable report to a proposal brought by Rep. April Weaver that would allow doctors to prescribe drugs that the FDA has approved for clinical trials.

Companion legislation has already passed the Senate.

The legislation was inspired by 9-year old Gabe Griffin of Shelby County. Gabe suffers from an incurable disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne causes generalized weakness and muscle wasting that increases over time and with muscle activity. Gabe and his family were at the committee meeting to hear the vote. Gabe offered a final plea to legislators considering the proposal: “I hope you pass my bill.”

The panel passed the bill out of committee by unanimous voice vote.