Senate Leadership Fund email slams Mo Brooks for Tuesday radio interview


It looks like Senate candidate and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks isn’t being ignored by his Republican Primary opponents just yet.

A super PAC controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell again attacked Brooks in a Tuesday email, just one week before Alabamians are set to vote on the GOP nominee to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the senate.

“Career Congressman Mo Brooks has been in the Washington swamp for so long that he’s looking down at Alabamans (sic) as ignorant rubes,” the Senate Leadership Fund email said. “Brooks called Alabama voters ‘relatively uninformed’ and ‘easy to deceive’ this morning on The Dale Jackson Show. “

The email continued along similar lines that the political committee and its preferred candidate, sitting Sen. Luther Strange, have leveled against the CD 5 Republican for weeks: He isn’t supportive enough of President Donald Trump.

“Was Brooks trying to target ‘easy to deceive’ Alabama voters when he tried passing a check written to the Alabama GOP as a check written to Donald Trump? Did he think Alabama voters were ‘relatively uninformed’ when he claimed to support Donald Trump’s border wall despite originally opposing it and taking free trips to China funded by NYC pro-amnesty groups? Is that why he tried telling Alabama voters he voted with Trump on ‘every single’ bill despite having the 10th lowest percentage of voting with President Trump of any Republican Member of Congress?”

The email then links to a recording of Brooks radio appearance on YouTube.

During the segment, Brooks and host Dale Jackson discussed the “never Trump” attacks on his senate campaign, to which Jackson said, “I don’t understand why that attack seems to be making sense.”

“While a lot of people are relatively uninformed, they don’t know the truth, they’re easy to deceive, the party regulars — people who have been through this before — who take a little bit more time to get beyond the 30-second ad and actually do the research to try to determine who’s telling the truth and who’s not, they’re not being deceived at all,” Brooks responded.

Brooks and Strange are running in a crowded special Republican Primary for Sessions’ old seat, with former Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore rounding out the top tier of candidates.

Strange and Moore are jockeying for the top spot in the nine-way race, with a recent poll showing Moore with 31-29 lead over Strage. The same poll showed Brooks with 18 percent support, followed by state Sen. Trip Pittman with 8 percent and Alabama Christian Coalition president Randy Brinson with 2 percent.

Eleven percent were undecided.

Unless one of the candidates can secure a majority of the vote in the Aug. 15 primary, Alabamians will have to decide between the top two vote getters in a Sept. 26 runoff. The general election is slated for December 12.