Super PAC backing Luther Strange spent $1.2M this week

Luther Strange

Committee cash is continuing to pour into support for Luther Strange a week out from the special primary election for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former senate seat, while his rivals have seen their funding slow to a trickle.

Strange and his allies have been able to pump more money into the special primary election than any other Republican, and a political committee controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cemented that this week by shelling out more than $1.2 million opposing fellow primary candidates U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks and former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.

The Senate Leadership Fund went all out, picking up online advertising and paying for TV and radio ad production in opposition of Brooks and Moore.

On Tuesday alone, the committee spent $286,531 slamming Brooks and $342,927 against Moore. Unprocessed FEC records show Tuesday’s cash dump was followed up with another $650,000 in spending on Wednesday, with $500,000 of that money used to oppose Moore, who is Strange’s closest competitor in recent polls.

To date, McConnell’s committee has spent a whopping $3.3 million against Brooks and $1 million against Moore.

Outside money supporting Brooks clocks in at just $45,123 for the week, all of which came from the Senate Conservatives Fund, a committee founded by former South Carolina Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Outside support for Moore was even more anemic. Through the entire election cycle, FEC data shows just $36,315 in independent expenditures backing the former justice.

Despite the lopsided spending, a recent poll shows Moore with a 31-29 lead over Strange in the nine-way primary race. The same poll showed Brooks with 18 percent support, followed by state Sen. Trip Pittman with 8 percent and Alabama Christian Coalition president Randy Brinson with 2 percent.

Eleven percent were undecided.

Unless one of the candidates can secure a majority of the vote in the Aug. 15 primary, Alabamians will have to decide between the top two vote-getters in a Sept. 26 runoff. The general election is slated for December 12.


  1. The Senate is 52-48 GOP. 3-4 of GOP, are Rhino. And/or Globalist traitors. With Demos. If great American, Roy Moore was in. We would have had 50 votes, and the VP tie breaker. To repeal Obamacare. When voted in. True, tried and loyal conservative, Roy Moore will make a big difference, and impact, right away. Strange can’t be found on track, and is a bought establishment hack. Does what he is told. A swamp puppet. Moore is a bold, #MAGA man. A hero. We, family, are all for Trump. But I had to send a message. Who is advising him, on State endorsements? He endorsed traitor, #fakehero, globalist McCain. And same, Speaker Ryan. Act for Alabama, for USA. See who really wants Strange in. Alabama has a chance to have a great, immediate and for years, impact. A great, principled, no compromise man. Constitution, fight your Creator given, rights. True conservative. Who fights special interests groups. You know him by his friends, and enemies.Out of State sellout, Rhino enemies, giving to Strange. Roy can’t and won’t be bought. We have great admiration for Roy Moore. Who loves and fights for Alabama. Top character and integrity. A Christian with wisdom. Proud and blessed to be from Alabama, as we are. Vote # MAGA Moore, to restore, and more. Thanks, and God abundantly bless you! Please tell your family, friends, church and neighbors. To stand for Moore. As he will stand for you first, and all America. Each person who votes for Moore, is a hero. A great chance to drain, not feed the swamp with Strange. Moore In 3 days, and for years to come.Thanks to y’all. True American patriots! 7 Alabama uncles served in the military. My Daddy gave his life. Not for corrupt politicians to ruin our great Constitutional Republic. Not democracy lie. He would have been all for, a man like Roy Moore. Lord richly bless you, and yours!

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