Big check with a little problem comes out of Kay Ivey’s office this week

misspelled check

The Alabama governor’s office gave away a great big check on Wednesday.

But you won’t see a photo of it on their social media, anymore, because there was a little bit of a problem on said great big check.

deleted Kay Ivey tweet

In large print, an oversized $4 million check was presented to the University of South Alabama and it contained not just one, but two misspelled words. It was made out to the “Univeristy of South Aalabama Medical Center.”

Ivey touring Medical Center
Ivey touring the University of South Alabama Medical Center. [Photo Credit: @GovernorKayIvey on Twitter]

The check presentation followed a tour Gov. Kay Ivey took of the University of South Alabama Medical Center on Wednesday. There, Ivey announced that $4 million from an economic development bond issue will be directed to the cost of renovating and expanding the hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center.

Ivey’s team had originally tweeted a photo of the check, misspellings and all, only to take it down upon realizing the error Press Secretary Daniel Sparkman confirmed to Alabama Today. According to Sparkman, the office in the process of having a new check issued to the medical center.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not letting this little print faux pas take away from Team Ivey’s many successes in cleaning up the mess Gov. Robert Bentley‘s left behind. If this is the worst problem coming out of the Ivey administration it’s safe to say she’s brought the office quite a long way in just four short months. After all, what’s a typo here and there when you’re saving saving the state? But come on staff, Ivey trusts you to be her eyes and ears. Maybe someone on the team needs their annual eye exam, cause we’re talking about two pretty obvious oversights here.


  1. Maybe you should proof your own article before casting stones.

    The check presentation followed a tour a tour Gov. Kay Ivey took..

  2. Yikes, if they can’t spell the name of the state right, who’s to say they’ll operate on the right limb? Details, schmetails.

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