Jim Zeigler conducts exit audit of newly closed state agency

Jim Zeigler

On Thursday Governor Kay Ivey abolished the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Volunteer Service (also known as Serve Alabama). On Friday, State Auditor Jim Zeigler released the exit audit on the agency.

Zeigler’s staff located all state property assigned to the office, which totaled $53,303.32.  All 34 items were accounted for in what Zeigler has termed “a perfect audit.”

Zeigler said his office received advance notice of the need for an exit audit in the agency and had performed the audit on Wednesday.

The exit audit is required by law.


  1. My take away from this article is that it is extremely newsworthy if a state agency can account for all the equipment entrusted to it. And, the State Auditor personally conducted the audit. Great to know the Auditor has the time to conduct a property audit that maybe could/should be accomplished by one of the field auditors….

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