Kay Ivey issues State of Emergency to prevent price gouging after Harvey

gas pump

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has issued a State of Emergency making it illegal for anyone in Alabama to price gouge in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The declaration comes after Colonial Pipeline, which provides nearly 40 percent of the South’s gasoline including Alabama’s, shutdown earlier in the day after the hurricane forced the closure of refineries and some of the pipeline’s own facilities.

“As a result of Hurricane Harvey, oil refineries in Texas and Louisiana have suffered a temporary interruption of production which has caused a disruption in the supply of petroleum products, including gasoline to Alabama,” Ivey said in the declaration. “This disruption in supply inherently placed upward pressure on gasoline prices, but does not justify the imposition of unconscionable prices.”

Ivey’s declaration amends a Wednesday declaration that waived the federal limits on number of hours petroleum transport motor carriers and drivers can work to help mitigate the impact of the disruption in the supply of gas.

“Weds I issued a limited State of Emergency to prevent gas shortage due to . Today I’ve made it clear price gouging is not acceptable.”