Luther Strange remains untethered on DACA in constituent email, quickly clarifies position

Luther Strange
[Photo courtesy of Luther Strange Facebook page]

In a Monday email response to a constituent, Sen. Luther Strange seemingly avoided taking a hard-lined position on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, more commonly referred to as DACA, when asked about it by a constituent.

Jack Kemp of Fosters, Ala. posted Strange’s email response on his Facebook page Tuesday, concerned that the Senator supports the Dream Act as he did not outright refute it in the email.

Strange_Dream Act DACA email

In the constituent letter, Strange explained what both the Dream Act and DACA program were, saying he does not serve on the committee of jurisdiction over either issue, and thus avoided clearly defining his own position on the issues.

“Currently, this bill is in the Senate Judiciary committee,” wrote Strange. “I do not serve on that committee, but if this bill comes to the Senate floor for debate and a vote, I will keep your views in mind.”

When Alabama Today asked Strange for Senate campaign to clarify Strange’s position, they were quick to respond.

“Luther Strange stands with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions by believing the first thing our country needs to do is enforce our laws before any discussion on policy,” said campaign spokesperson Cameron Foster. “He is 100 percent opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Unlike his opponent Roy Moore, Luther Strange stands with President Trump on building the wall on the Mexican border.”

Foster’s response echoes Strange’s own words last week.

Following news from former Alabama U.S. Senator and current U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions of the “orderly wind down” of President Barack Obama‘s DACA program, Strange appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now with Harris Faulkner Tuesday afternoon to discuss his first take on the situation and issued the following statement.

“Since my tenure as Attorney General, I have been fighting, and winning, against Obama-era experiments with illegal amnesty. Today, the Trump administration rightly affirmed that Congress must lead the way in securing our borders and ending the crisis of illegal immigration,” said Strange. “We actually sued successfully to stop the Obama administration program to allow adults to stay here illegally (DAPA). I think this program is the same category – I think it’s unconstitutional… The President makes the best point – Congress should address this issue.”


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