Steve Bannon’s stand against Luther Strange front page news

Luther Strange and Steve Bannon
Look no further than the homepage of Breitbart to see Steve Bannon‘s first public fight against the moderates and liberal factions in the White House. It doesn’t take much to realize that it wasn’t a true conservative who convinced President Donald Trump to endorse Luther Strange over former Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore. It’s a race where either candidate would probably be good for the presidents agenda and one in which he should have probably stayed out of.
Luther Strange’s solid conservative record has been overshadowed by two important factors throughout the race. First, the vast amounts of money his campaign has taken from establishment PACS in D.C. who have run one negative after another, many untrue, about Strange’s opponents since the special election first began and second his ties to corrupt former Governor Robert Bentley who appointed Strange while his office was actively investigating him.
The lines have been drawn — this race boils down to fiscal and social conservatives on one side, and the establishment on the other.
With Donald Trump stumping in Alabama on Friday and Sarah Palin here Thursday there’s a lot at play in the final weeks of the election.
Polls show a clear lead for Moore and with Mo Brooks recent endorsement the fight between social/fiscal conservatives vs. the establishment is officially on.
Reading the Breitbart home page headlines theres no question about Bannon’s position. So the question of the day: Which way will voters go, Bannon or Trump, establishment or principles, Moore or Strange? We will see soon.
Breitbart homepage Sept. 20, 2017
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Breitbart homepage Sept. 21, 2017