Complaint leads Ala. school district to ban student-led prayer at football games


An Alabama school district has banned student-led prayer on the public address system before football games following a recent complaint.

The Opelika-Auburn News reports that attorneys for Lee County Schools replied Sept. 11 to an Aug. 31 letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation which said a parent complained about student-led prayer at Smiths Station High School’s season-opening game. The school district says it will bring all schools in accordance with current federal law that prohibits school-sponsored prayer in public schools.

Schools superintendent James McCoy said in a statement that he tried to find a way for students to continue leading prayer, but ultimately found no recourse.

A group of Smiths Station students has invited community members to join in a silent one-minute prayer before each home game.

Republished with permission from the Associated Press.


  1. Sad that a SINGLE person whines and our elected officials buckle so quickly. Praying before sporting events is as American as it gets. If you don’t like to hear true AMERICANS pray, stuff cotton in your two ears….
    What happened to “Majority Rule”. Don’t like what majority decides, complain, but do it quietly as the rest of us are PRAYING to GOD. Don’t believe in GOD, tough, get over it….

    Since this one person was able to obtain representation, I would think the suit (or threat) would be public. Thus, interesting to know who was complaining about praying at out public events… Maybe print name so their neighbors understand what type person they are living next to. One that doesn’t believe in GOD!!!!!!!

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