Poll says Democrat Doug Jones nearly tied with GOP candidates in Ala. Senate race

Luther Strange_Doug Jones_Roy Moore
Luther Strange, Doug Jones and Roy Moore

According to a new poll, Democrat Doug Jones has the potential to pull an upset in ​Alabama’s U.S. Senate race in December.

On Dec. 12,  Jones will face-off against a Republican challenger — either current, interim Sen. Luther Strange or former Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore​, which will be determined in a run-off Sept. 26​ — ​where, according to the new poll from Emerson College, he’s with​ striking distance.

The poll finds Jones trailing both Republicans by only a handful of points — Moore leads Jones by ​four​ percentage points, ​meanwhile Strange leads him by ​only three​ points.​

While the results make the race a statistical dead heat, the Yellowhammer State has traditionally been one of the reddest of red states. The last time the state voted for a Democrat for president​ was​ back 1976​, and the last time it voted a Democrat to the Senate was twenty years ago, in 1997.

Nevertheless, according to the poll, the constant-GOP infighting between Strange and Luther has put a bad taste in many voter’s mouths.

“The GOP will need to find a way to unite during the 11 weeks until the General Election, or face the prospect of Jones pulling off an upset,” reads the poll.

Which begs the question — can the GOP unify behind the run-off victor? Or will there be a Jones upset? Only time will tell.


  1. “infighting between Strange and Luther” — strange that Luther is fighting against himself. The ultimate in infighting, I guess.

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