Montgomery, Birmingham ranked among America’s most affordable big cities

Birmingham Alabama

​Alabama boasts ​two of the most affordable big cities America according to a new study by financial technology company SmartAsset.

Their latest study ranks more than 150 of America’s biggest cities to find the most affordable. Montgomery ​comes in at the number six ​spot, meanwhile Birmingham ​ranks as the 15th most affordable.

Map of most affordable big cities
Map of most affordable big cities [Photo via SmartAsset]

These cities are measured on factors including property taxes, homeowners’ insurance and mortgage payments relative to median income.

Specifically, ​SmartAsset found the total cost over five years of these four expenses—closing costs, taxes, insurance and mortgage payments—for the average home in every city in the U.S. with a population greater than 200,000. ​Then ​they ​took that five-year cost as a proportion of median household income in each city to determine affordability.