‘Cremate the cougars’ themed pep rally upset parents at Ala. school

W.F. Burns Middle School

In the small town of Valley, Ala. in Chambers County, W.F. Burns Middle School is making the news for all the wrong reasons, according to some parents.

Rather than hosting a typical pep rally in anticipation of the championship football game against the Long Cane Middle School cougars, the school hosted a “cremate the cougars” themed pep rally last Thursday.

According to WVTM, the pep rally was a “funeral service [for the cougars] and the players and cheerleaders ripped the opposing team’s mascot, the Long Cane Middle School Cougar’s, into shreds.”

“I commented under a teacher’s post and told her I thought they went too far with that and literally ripping to shreds a cougar by the players and cheerleaders to me was promoting violence,” one parent told WVTM.com.

The parents are not alone in thinking the school took the pep rally too far.

“I know I’m going to make some people mad, but this is middle school people, I totally get it was a hype thing to build moral for the team but actually carrying a real casket is morbid as it comes, they could have made a box out of card board or something and decorate it with their slogans, but I honestly think that a real casket is pushing it a little to far!” Amy Kathryn Hinkle, a Valley resident, posted in response Tuesday on Facebook.

But not all locals agree.

This is so dumb. People will do anything to start a fuss and get on the news,” posted Madison Jarnagin.

Bradley Morgan, a Southern Union State Community College student and W.F. Burns graduate said this isn’t the first time the school has done this.

I️ did this is when I️ attended W.F. Burns and when I️ was in high school. This is so ridiculous for that women to cause this much trouble,” Morgan wrote on Facebook Monday.