Exclusive: Roy Moore rebounds in polls as accusations are discredited

Roy Moore and Doug Jones
Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election is less than one month away and a new poll shows Republican nominee Roy Moore holding a solid lead over his Democratic opponent Doug Jones.

In a poll conducted by Sky Research on Tuesday Nov. 21 among registered Alabama voters, the results show Moore with 46.7 percent support to Jones’ 39.6 percent. 13.7 percent of voters polled remain undecided. With a margin of error of 3.1 percent, Moore maintains significant lead over Jones, but the undecided voters could swing the election either way.

When asked “Do you consider your political views to be more in line with the Republican or Democrat party?,” 62.3 percent of 1,059 respondents identified as Republican, while 37.7 percent Democrat.

The results come as President Donald Trump on Tuesday avowed his support for the former Alabama Chief Justice for first time since Moore was accused of sexually pursuing at least nine women when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens. Trump had previously said, through the White House ​Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander​s, “Like most Americans, the president believes we cannot allow a mere allegation, in this case, one from many years ago, to destroy a person’s life​. However, the president also believes that if these allegations are true, Judge Moore will do the right thing and step aside.”

On Tuesday, Trump himself said Moore “totally denies” the allegations against him. Reiterating that the country doesn’t “need” liberal Jones in the seat.

“Let me just tell you, Roy Moore denies it. That’s all I can say. He denies it. By the way, he totally denies it,” Trump told reporters as he was departing Washington for his Mar-a-Lago resort for the Thanksgiving holiday. “I can tell you one thing for sure, we don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat. I’ve looked at his record — it’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military.”

Tuesday’s poll comes in sharp contrast to Louisiana-based JMC Analytics poll AL.com reported on just a week ago Sunday, just three days after the allegations first came out.

“The poll had Jones received 46 percent support in the poll to Moore’s 42 percent. With a margin of error of 4 percent, however, the race is essentially a statistical tie,” reported AL.com.

Since that time, women from across the state have stepped forward defending Moore’s character. On Friday, on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol, more than 30 women stood united in their support of the embattled nominee.

There,  Ann Eubank, the statewide co-chair of Rainy Day Patriots, and the legislative chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs, spoke on behalf of Moore’s character going so far as to say if the ” state Republican Party decide to remove Moore from the ballot, or if they worked to disallow or decertify an election won by Moore, there would be a revolt, which she said would be ‘bad’ for Republicans in next year’s statewide election.”

Among the accusations that have been debunked is that Moore was banned from the Gadsen Mall. A former manager appeared on WBRC news to say though they did have written reports of those who were banned he did not recall Moore ever being on that list.

That report is in addition to statements released on Monday, where several witnesses came forward to discredit the accusations made by Beverly Nelson and her lawyer Gloria Allred against Moore. On Monday, Rhonda Ledbetter, a retired public school teacher who is currently the senior choir director at a Baptist church and teaches children at a local, church-sponsored day care center, went on record debunking Beverly Nelson’s claim against Moore.

“When I heard Beverly Nelson’s story, there were several details that were different from what I remember. I was nervous at coming forward because of all the attention this story has gotten, but as a moral and ethical person I had to speak up about what I know to be true,” Ledbetter recounted. “I was a waitress at Olde Hickory for almost three years from 1977-1979, and I never saw Roy Moore come in to the restaurant. Not one time.”

Moore faces the Democratic nominee Doug Jones in the special election on Dec. 12.


  1. I can’t find any such polling organization as Sky Research. Can you please supply a link to the hard data? Thanks.

    • You don’t know Sky?

      She asked a whole bunch of people!

      Riddle me this: How is it the Moore camp is using people from a restaurant just a few days ago they insisted did not even exist to refute the sworn statement of someone Moore insists he never met?

      • Because Moore had never heard about it before and when he did a Google search he found the current Old Hickory House was founded in 1991. How would he have known there was in fact an Olde Hickory House from way back when if he never went there? Having since discovered it existed, they tracked down other waitresses to refute Ms. Nelsen’s UNSWORN statement.

    • BTW: it my opinion that “Sky Research” did not exist two weeks ago, their survey has been flaunted everywhere but it seems no one has bothered to find their track record (which according to my research is ONE poll) and no connections to anyone anywhere.

      This to me is another big story, seems to be a complete fraud.

  2. Reading these accusers accusations I can’t help but thinking they are reading from a carefully written script by someone else. At this point the burden is on the accusers to prove what they claim is true.

    • And YOU should be banned from commenting here for throwing out an accusation which lacks any evidence of any sort! Hypocrite!

      • We have Moore’s own words of dating teens with parental permission, remembering his wife from a highschool recital when she was 15(and why does a 29 year old attend a highschool recital) and the words of 8 victims. Never heard of Sky Research and if you do a search for the company online, I’m trying to figure out who and how they were talking to people in Alabama….

        • You can chase them down but curiously the small print re: pollster is missing, perhaps because the poll bias ( Of the 1,059 respondents, 62.3 percent identified as Republican and 37.7 identified as Democrat).

          This “publication” fall short on its responsibility to provide links to ANY pollster they use.

          • That’s why I wanted to look at the data… to see what way the undecided voters lean (democrat or republican). Because, as noted in the article above, they will likely be the deciding variable.

          • ‘Bias’ is a term being used by media figures who don’t define the term but likely base it on their not wanting to believe the poll results (never mind they never questioning national polls on Trump’s approval which routinely have near double digit disparity between DEM & REP respondents). In fact, Alabama had the 9th highest % for Trump in last year’s election, 62.08% — pretty close, eh?

    • It’s nonsense lies like that will keep Democrats from winning elections for generations. This is not a country founded on socialism.

  3. Many hypocrites, Dems ៩ Republicans, ‘forget’ (some of them shameful lawyers), our Rule of Law: #PresumptionOfInnocence ៩ #InnocentBeforeProvenGuilty! Innocent people’s lives have been shattered ៩ imprisoned, because people jump 2 the conclusion of guilt. Then the #FakeNewsMedia prints the person’s guilty, & sometimes they can’t get a fair trial, (I know some1 who went thru that). This’s true of #RoyMoore when the #FakeNews went after him, referring 2 him as guilty. I’m glad 2 C Alabamians aren’t falling 4 Lies: vicious, slanderous lies. Dems R ???????????????????????????????????? 2 win this election, & there’ll B MANY more lies coming as we close in on 2018! These lies about #Moore come from Left ៩ Right, like #McConnell, who clearly ???????????????????????????????? #Moore. As U may recall McConnell supported Luther Strange…
    To the person who said that those who came forward in support of Moore seemed scripted, I thought so until I realized they printed a duplicate paragraph on the last page.
    Alabamians, think about ???????????? rumors be4 this 40 year one–right, there aren’t any. Dems have to make these lies so ancient no one will remember (or so they thought). I’m terribly ashamed of my party 4 their part in these ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????. To Bob R, right, we have to vote these ????????????????s ???????????? of office, ៩ we need prepare for the lies coming in 2018. I know Alabamians are ???????????? stupid people like the Left (and RINOs) would have you believe–it makes me furious. #RoyMoore is your man! (Sorry about spaces, I didn’t put them there).
    #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessRoyMoore #DrainTheSwamp

    • I guess you forgot that all the accusers are Republican, most supported or voted for Trump, and this whole recent mess came out of REPUBLICAN sources?

      Ah, but excuse me for interrupting your rant.

      Still waiting for you to explain how the Moore camp can use witnesses from the restaurant that just a few days ago did not exist?

      Why is it that Roy won’t step forward and have an OPEN press conference?

        • except of course they are legally registered Republican.

          one wonder how many excuses the Moore camp can come up with, e.g., they said this restaurant did not exist but now they are using “eye” witnesses who worked there or ate there to insist his victim never worked there.

          in the restuaruant they said did not exist…

  4. It’s nonsense lies like that will keep Democrats from winning elections for generations. This is not a country founded on socialism.

  5. Over 125 young people came forward and together in strength, in accusations against an olympic doctor. Was it their word that was believed in this age of technology? At six years of age, how would I have known I was going to be targeted by a teenager, so I could be prepared to have proof, when I was threatened if I told? What child of six would think I could protect my siblings’ lives if I told? How does anyone get prepared with evidence when they are young and targeted? Don’t predators play out scenarios to keep anyone from proving what they did before they do it? Moore’s character is compromised, and the question is: how many of these parents would prepare to hand over their daughters in what has been described as his quest for “purity’?

  6. So this poll was conducted by an organization called Sky Research? Really? A little web browsing shows no such research organization exists…although there is a Sky Research that specializes in unexploded ordnance detection. Another FAKE NEWS story by a typical online right wing rag.

  7. Regardless of whether or not we believe Roy Moore or the accusers, we do need to know where our info is coming from.

    I tried to find out about “Sky Research” to see if their poll can be trusted. All I came up with is an ordinance disposal company from Oregon (involved in a scandal). Is this poll legitimate?

    In contrast, we can easily find out about “Strategy Research”, which conducted another poll recently that found Moore in the lead.

    • Every polling organization in the history of time has some kind of bias (that’s life) and whenever plows through these poll results, he/she (here after “he”) retains this as a “grain of salt”… and of course with known researchers… some grains larger than others.

      But (IMHO) most readers have SOME confidence that those that publish these results have some confidence BEFORE repeating them lest their reputation be soiled.

      Alas… it seems this publication could not be bothered.

      I assume you (as I) took the poll results with the aforementioned grain of salt but as an outliar (cough) looked for the fine print- the poll data (first) – as an explanation thinking that this “publication” had (in the very least) identified them as to not perpetuate… well… it seems to me as an outright fraud.

      It seems that almost all (or… all) of these poll results on many dozens of websites lead back to… here.

  8. This “exclusive” article is pure propaganda. The only “evidence” cited that purportedly discredits Moore’s accusers is some waitress who says she never saw Moore and a former manager manager who says he can’t recall Moore being banned.

    Sheesh. If you believe this garbage, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • A bridge, eh? Well, somebody was able to sell it to YOU, so that casts some doubt on YOUR intelligence…. Anyone who waits nearly 40 years to make accusations probably had nothing to accuse the person of to begin with. Moore has been in the public eye for decades. How is it that none of these accusers felt compelled to block him from any of the jobs he has held in the ensuing decades? Wouldn’t it be wise to come forward and say something before he was made a judge? He could be hearing cases regarding inappropriate sexual behavior at some point during his years on the bench, right? But none of these women seemed to believe it was their duty to prevent him from being put on the bench. How convenient that he is a month away from winning a seat in the United States Senate, and suddenly these accusers felt compelled to speak. And at least a couple of them appear to be supporters of the Democrat who is losing to Moore. But that wouldn’t influence their decision, would it? Hmmm?

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