30+ women defend Roy Moore’s character during rally outside Alabama capitol

[Photo via Facebook: Mike Williams]

​On the steps of the Alabama State Capitol, more than 30 women stood united in their support of Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore Friday morning.

The ladies at a “Women for Moore” rally ranged from former colleagues and fellow church members, to well known figures such as Roy’s wife KaylaAnn Eubank, the statewide co-chair of Rainy Day Patriots, and the legislative chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs, and Wetumpka Tea Party founder Becky Gerritson. There, the women took turns speaking to Moore’s character and defending the former Alabama Chief Justice they claim “has faithfully served in public office for forty years.”

“This is a he said-she said situation, some of which are 40 years old, that can never be proven or disproven in the amount of time we have before December 12,” Eubank said at the event. “He has been tried and convicted by the mainstream media in the court of public opinion on just allegations. There is no concrete evidence or proof. The court of law is the proper place for these allegations to have gone, not to the media.”

Eubank went on to say if the ” state Republican Party decide to remove Moore from the ballot, or if they worked to disallow or decertify an election won by Moore, there would be a revolt, which she said would be ‘bad’ for Republicans in next year’s statewide election.”

Kayla Moore took the mic to reiterate her husband would not quit the race. 

“After all the attacks against me, against my family against the Foundation and against my husband, he will not step down. He will not stop fighting for the people of Alabama,” Kayla Moore said.

Moore has been under fire since The Washington Post published an explosive report on Thursday Nov. 9 with the accounts of four women who claim he sexually pursued them when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens. Since that time, five more woman have come forward with similar accusations against Moore.

Moore faces the Democratic nominee Doug Jones in the special election on Dec. 12.

Watch video from the event below: