Randall Woodfin sworn-in as Birmingham’s 30th mayor

Woodfin swearing in 1

Woodfin inauguration ceremony, Tues. Nov. 28,
2017. [Photo courtesy of Mayor Randall Woodfin Facebook page]

It was a picture-perfect day on Tuesday as Randall Woodfin, 36, was sworn into office as the 30th mayor of the City of Birmingham, Ala.​ ​by Judge Nakita Blocton​ making him the city’s youngest mayor in modern history.

Woodfin swearing in 3

Woodfin swearing-in, Tues. Nov. 28,
2017. [Photo courtesy of Mayor Randall Woodfin Facebook page]

Woodfin took the oath of office before thousands of onlookers in downtown Birmingham’s Linn Park where there was not a cloud in the sky.

With a giant American flag backdrop, Woodfin was flanked by banners which, according to the Birmingham Times., listed the names of all 99 neighborhoods in the city.

“I am so honored for this moment. It is hard to put this moment into words as relates to this opportunity to serve my hometown,” Woodfin told the crowd. “I am so proud and so eager to get to work.”

Woodfin swearing in 2

Woodfin inauguration ceremony, Tues. Nov. 28,
2017. [Photo courtesy of Mayor Randall Woodfin Facebook page]

He continued, “ this is not my inauguration. This is our inauguration. What stands behind us is not just a building, it’s not just city hall, but it’s a symbol that reflects the voice of the people of all 23 communities and all 99 neighborhoods.”

Woodfin’s October victory

On Oct. 3, Woodfin handily bested Birmingham’s seven-year incumbent mayor, William Bell, in the city’s contentious runoff mayoral race.

Woodfin — a city attorney and member of the Birmingham Board of Education — took home 24,910 votes, 58 percent, over Bell’s 17,353, 41 percent.

Woodfin swearing in 4

[Photo courtesy of Mayor Randall Woodfin Facebook page]

Woodfin’s team

Two weeks ahead of his inauguration, Woodfin announced the six members of his executive leadership team during a press conference at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

“I could not be more proud of the team we are putting together to help transform our city,” Woodfin said. “Each of these men and women are true public servants. They reflect my core beliefs in integrity, efficiency and concern for each resident of Birmingham. We look forward to continuing to complete our executive team as well as department heads as we near the administration beginning in two weeks.”

His executive team includes:

  1. Cedric Sparks: chief of staff. He is a longtime leader of Birmingham’s Division of Youth Services dating back to 2002. He is a graduate of West End High School, the University of Alabama and Miles Law School.
  2. Kevin Moore: chief operating officer. He has worked for the city of Birmingham for 22 years, most recently as director of the Birmingham Parks and Recreation Department. He has also served as the director of the Birmingham CrossPlex. Moore is a 1992 graduate of Samford University.
  3. Ed Fields: senior advisor and chief strategist. He led Woodfin’s campaign for mayor and has a long history as a local businessman and civic activist. He received his undergraduate degree in business Administration from Alabama State University and his MBA from University of Alabama’s Manderson School of Business.
  4. Kelvin Datcher: director of intergovernmental affairs. He previously served as director of investor relations at REV Birmingham. He is a graduate of Gettysburg College and previously worked at Southern Poverty Law Center, Alabama State University and for the Birmingham City Council. He has been active in economic development initiatives for the City of Birmingham.
  5. Nicole King: city attorney. She began her legal career with the city of Birmingham Law Department in 2006. A native of Birmingham and graduate of Ramsay High School, King is also a  University of Alabama and Texas Southern University Law School graduate. She has successfully handled cases before the Alabama Supreme Court, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.
  6. Sylvia Bowen: executive administrator. She has worked as the Birmingham City Council District 8 chief of staff and served as executive assistant to the dean of academic affairs and as an instructor at Lawson State Community College. She is a graduate of Tuskegee University and holds an MBA from Johnson and Wales University.

Watch Woodfin’s inauguration ceremony below:


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