​Alabama is the 10th most affected state by the government shutdown

government shutdown

The shutdown of the federal government entered its third day Monday, with little progress toward reaching a deal over the weekend.

With the U.S. government closed for business for the 19th time since 1976 and a lot of blame going back and forth, the personal-finance website WalletHub on Monday released its report on the States Most & Least Affected by the 2018 Government Shutdown to add some hard data to all the rhetoric.

According to their findings, Alabama is the 10th most affected state by the closing of the federal governments.

Impact of the government shutdown on Alabama (1= most affected, 25= avg.):

  • 7th: Federal contract dollars per capita
  • 10th: Share of federal jobs
  • 10th: % of children under CHIP
  • 27th: Access to national parks

To determine whose homes a government shutdown strikes closest to, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across six key metrics. They range from each state’s share of federal jobs and contracts to the percentage of kids covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Here are the 10 states that will be hit the hardest by the shutdown:

10. Alabama
Total score: 42.33

9. California
Total score: 44.37

8. Oklahoma
Total score: 45.65

7. Montana
Total score: 47.96

6. New Mexico
Total score: 48.87

5. Hawaii
Total score: 51.86

4. Alaska
Total score: 58.29

3. Virginia
Total score: 67.67

2. Maryland
Total score: 70.41

1. District of Columbia
Total score: 70.42

Here’s a look at how Alabama compares to the rest of the country:

Source: WalletHub

The Senate is scheduled to have a key vote on Monday at noon on a bill to reopen the government and fund it for three weeks, though it’s unclear if enough Democrats will join their Republican counterparts to pass the measure.