AG Commissioner John McMillan announces campaign for State Treasurer


Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries  John McMillan on Monday announced his qualification for the office of Alabama State Treasurer and will be on the ballot in the 2018 Republican Primary June 5.

McMillan, a staunch fiscal conservative, believes his background and prior state service makes him uniquely qualified for this office.

“I have spent over 40 years protecting, preserving, and promoting Alabama’s natural resources, agricultural resources, and the industries serving those sectors. It is now time to turn my attention to protecting and preserving the financial resources of our state for the next generation,” said McMillan announcing his campaign. “As the grandfather of two teenagers, I understand how important it is for Alabama to manage its money wisely so that we are providing opportunities for growth, education, and employment for future generations.”

Prior to serving as Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, McMillan served as an Alabama State Representative, Baldwin County Commissioner, as well as the Alabama State Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources..

During his term as Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, McMillan played and integral part in the establishment of the Alabama Trust Fund, which is now managed by the office he is seeking to hold.

The State Treasurer’s responsibilities include cash management, investing and depositing in all state funds,  managing Alabama’s two college savings programs, unclaimed property, and management of the state’s collateral pool for public fund deposits in the state’s banks. The State Treasurer also plays an important role in managing the Alabama Trust Fund, a $2.8 billion investment fund assembled from the proceeds of the sale of the state’s offshore oil and gas reserves.

McMillan grew up in Stockton, Ala. located in Baldwin County. Following his graduation from Baldwin County High School, he attended Rhodes College where he earned a Bachelors degree in economics.

He and his wife Kathryn have been married for over 50 years, have two sons, a daughter-in- law, and two grandchildren. They currently reside in Montgomery, Ala.