Bill Hightower qualifies for Alabama governor race

Via Hightower Facebook page

State Sen. Bill Hightower qualified with the Republican Party of Alabama to appear as a candidate for Governor on the primary ballot June 5.

Regarded as one of the most conservative senators in Alabama, Hightower has continually backed legislation for smaller government, lower taxes and to change Alabama to the flat tax.

He currently runs several small businesses, which he believes makes him distinctively qualified to advance job-growing policies for families in Alabama.

“I want our businesses and families to flourish,” said Hightower.

He continued, “I am excited about this next step in our journey. We have focused our campaign on my strong conservative record of reform, our conservative vision for Alabama’s future, and our commitment to the people of Alabama that tomorrow will be better than today. We can do better. The outpouring of support we have received from all corners of the state has been humbling. I am confident that with the support of my family and the thousands of Alabamians who are rallying behind our message we will bring the change necessary to turn Montgomery around.”

Hightower believes Montgomery is defective and needs change to bring hope to communities all across Alabama. He has also promised a balanced budget, and to make sure faith is protected statewide if he is elected governor.

He graduated from the University of South Alabama, received an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University, and has worked with with several Fortune 100 corporations including Emerson Electric, AlliedSignal, Eaton

Hightower is married to Susan Binegar Hightower. They have three children, and three grandchildren.