Alabama House Dems announce 2018 legislative agenda

Alabama House Democrats
[Photo Credit: Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels via Facebook]

The Alabama House Democratic Caucus outlined their legislative priorities for the 2018 session during a press conference in the Alabama State House Wednesday afternoon.

House Democratic Minority Leader Anthony Daniels was joined by fellow members of the caucus and they unveiled their platform focused on creating a Clean, Competent and Competitive Alabama.

“We face enormous challenges as a state from adequately supporting our public education system to building and maintaining a skilled workforce to fighting the addiction epidemic plaguing our families, cities and state,” said  Daniels. “These are just a few of the issues impacting our communities that we are here to address today and over the next two months.”

The Clean, Competent & Competitive Alabama agenda, developed and agreed upon by the members of the House Democratic Caucus, focuses on:

  • Supporting our public schools and prioritizing early childhood education
  • Investing in our educators
  • Rebuilding our workforce
  • Ensuring open, transparent government and ending corruption
  • Ensuring access to healthcare for all Alabamians
  • Supporting mental health
  • Prioritizing prison reform and reducing recidivism
  • Fighting the epidemic of addiction

Over the coming weeks House Democratic Members will introduce legislation in support of these main tenants. Members will also continue holding town hall meetings across the state to discuss this agenda and other issues of importance to Alabamians.

“This agenda represents something we, as Democrats believe in and that we believe serves all Alabamians and will lead us to a better future for our state,” added Daniels.

The full platform is available here.

Watch a press conference of the agenda unveiling below: