C-SPAN’s 50 Capital Tour visits Montgomery, speaks to Del Marsh


The C-SPAN bus has gotten a new look for its 25th birthday, and to show it off the network is sending it across the country where it’s in the midst visiting all 50 state capitals as part of a 14-month tour.

C-SPAN’s bus new look

On Thursday, the bus made it’s 17th stop on the 50 Capitals Tour in Montgomery, Ala. where they sat down with Anniston-Republican and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh to discuss how national issues are affecting the state.

In the segment, which was featured on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a live morning call-in program, Marsh talked about key issues in Alabama including the budget and economic incentives, immigration, the opioid crisis and medical marijuana, infrastructure, and more.

When asked how the state is doing after a tumultuous 2017, Marsh suggested there is now a “calm over the state.”

“There’s a calm over the state I would say. Getting through the transition things are moving forward very well,” Marsh said speaking of the Robert BentleyKay Ivey transition in the governor’s office. “We’ve got a good year. For the first time in several years our revenues are better than usual.”

Marsh went on to explain the Alabama economy is doing well and discussed how economic incentives are helping bring business to the Yellowhammer State

“Alabama is very pro-business,” he continued. “We have been offering these economic incentives. We go a step further in that we come back three years after the fact and automatically review these incentives. At the end of the day, there has to a be net economic gain to the State of Alabama.

Watch Marsh’s full 28-minute interview below: