DNC lied about how much it spent to defeat Roy Moore

Doug Jones victory
Doug Jones celebrated his victory in a special Senate election in Birmingham, Ala., on Tuesday night.

Following Democrat Doug Jones‘ victory in December, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed they aided his campaign tremendously; declaring they spent $1 million dollars of their own money towards defeating Republican Roy Moore.

Last year’s heated senate race between now Senator Jones and his opponent, former Alabama Chief Justice, Moore had everyone in Alabama on edge. The race garnered national media attention and even the attention, and endorsement, of President Donald Trump.

What a great opportunity for the DNC to show it’s power and wealth.

Well, maybe not.

Although the committee did contribute aides, organized voter-outreach plans, and campaigned via text, calls, and volunteers, the committee only spent $250,000 of their own money towards the campaign. The cash was used to fund more than two dozen staffers in Alabama who organized outreach to African-American voters.

The rest of the $1 million that the DNC claimed actually came from voters and donations that the DNC solicited for Jones campaign.

“For the first time in its history, the DNC used its email list for split fundraising to directly raise money for and invest in campaigns across the country in 2017,” Michael Tyler, DNC spokesman told McClatchy. “While the RNC cut blank checks for an accused child molester, we’re proud that tens of thousands of Americans contributed $5 and $10 at a time to fund the Doug Jones campaign’s organizing efforts.”

The DNC has filed reports with the Federal Election Commission showing $87,000 and claims they will be able to show another $163,000 when records of their spending are received.

The remaining $679,000 they raised through e-mail fundraising will not have to be reported with the FEC since the money never actually passed through the committee.

Jones is already working on paying the committee back, at the end of December he sent an e-mail to former Vice-President Joe Biden‘s PAC, American Possibilities asking for donations for democratic candidates in 2018.


  1. Dear Staff writer, Oh shocking! DNC lied! umm… “Accussed chld molester”, no mention of actual support of Abortion during the time when a pre-born baby can feel pain. Ripped apart limbs is fact, #AbortionJones supports this. If we are to label one with un-proven accusations, indeed horrible behavior if true, label the other with actual behavior. Doug Jones voted against the Pain-Capable Act, meaning he favors abortion of a child when he or she is capable of feeling the pain of being ripped about in the abortion process. Thank you. Reader

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