Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman recovering from heart bypass surgery

Don Siegelman
Siegelman sitting late Saturday morning.

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman is recovering from heart bypass surgery.

Siegelman’s daughter, Dana Siegelman, posted on Facebook Saturday with an update from her uncle Les Siegelman, explaining her father had bypass surgery after a blockage was discovered Friday during a routine physical and subsequent tests.

Don Siegelman update

“After routine physical and subsequent procedures, Don required bypass surgery yesterday. He looks very good for what he went through and is making a rapid recovery. He is in CVICU recovery today and tomorrow at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham.

“He required four bypasses to fix 90% blockage in the ‘Widow Maker’. Doctors said he could have died in his sleep. They anticipate a rapid and full recovery.”

Late Saturday morning, Les posted a photo of Don sitting in a chair, captioned, “Don is sitting in a chair, talking and looking great! You would never know the docs had his heart out yesterday. Amazing!”

According to social media posts, Siegelman will be recovering at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Ala. through Sunday.

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