Construction industry makes $12B economic impact in Alabama

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Governor Kay Ivey spoke at the Associated Builders & Contractors of Alabama State Workforce and Economic Update Wednesday February 14, 2018 in Birmingham, Ala. [Photo Credit: Governor's Office | Hal Yeager]

Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama (ABC Alabama), the largest commercial construction association in the state, released a new study detailing the construction industry’s $12 billion annual impact on state economy.

ABC Alabama released the report, prepared by Keivan Deravi, economics professor at Auburn University at Montgomery, on Wednesday.

According to the study, the industry has a direct annual impact of nearly $8 billion and, combined with the indirect impact, an annual impact of $12 billion a year.

[Photo Credit: ABC study]
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[Photo Credit: Governor’s Office | Hal Yeager]
In conjunction with the release of the study, Gov. Kay Ivey toured the Academy of Craft Training Center in Birmingham, Ala.

In 2016, ABC Alabama established the Academy of Craft Training (ACT) as a public/private partnership between the construction industry and the State of Alabama’s K-12 education system to recruit, educate and guide high school students for educational and employment opportunities in the construction industry.

“Alabama’s commercial construction industry, with its $12 billion impact on our economy, continues to play a vital role in moving our state forward,” Ivey said according to “I am committed to workforce development efforts, which prepare Alabamians for the jobs of today and of tomorrow, and provides employers with the trained workers they need.”

Ivey said she wants to expand the ACT throughout the state and duplicate its structure for other industries.

Here’s a look at the commercial construction industry’s economic impact on the state:

[Photo Credit: ABC Alabama]