Alabama physicians contribute billions to state economy

doctor medical stethoscope

A new report, released Wednesday by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and the American Medical Association shows that Alabama physicians contribute billions of dollars to Alabama’s financial health.

The study showed that Alabama’s 8,700 patient care physicians and the 101,770 jobs they create play a crucial role in the Alabama economy; a $16.7 billion role in fact.

The study also noted that physicians are not only skilled healers, charged with safeguarding healthy communities, it also shows that their positive impact is not confined to the exam room. Physicians are strong economic drivers in their communities by the economic growth, opportunity and prosperity they generate.

“Urban or rural, large group or solo practitioner, Alabama’s physicians are major economic engines,” said Jerry Harrison, M.D. and Medical Association President. “While we are healers first, this study shows physicians help improve the health of our state as much as the health of our patients.”

The report concentrated only on doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy; those who are engaged in treating patients not researchers or teachers and found that physicians contribute as much or more to Alabama’s economy than higher education, legal services, nursing and community care facilities, and home health care.

The study measured the economic impact of the physicians according to four key economic focal points:

  • Jobs: Each physician supported an average of 11.7 jobs, including his/her own, and contributed to a total of 101,770 jobs statewide.
  • Output: Each physician supported an average of $1.9 million in economic output and contributed to a total of $16.7 billion in economic output statewide.
  • Wages and Benefits: Each physician supported an average of $839,103 in total wages and benefits and contributed to a total of $7.3 billion in wages and benefits statewide.
  • Tax Revenues: Each physician supported $64,816 in local and state tax revenues and contributed to a total of $565.4 million in local and state tax revenues statewide.