Craig Ford introduces bill to extend alcohol retail license to nonprofit special events


Gadsden-Democrat State Rep. Craig Ford has proposed a new bill to change the existing laws on beer, wine, and liquor sales at non-profit events.

Currently, state laws allow a retail license for beer, wine, and liquor at special events, and allows manufacturers of those beverages to donate their product to charitable events, given that both they, and the event, receive the proper approval from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Ford’s bill, HB414, seeks to change the law so that charitable events are not the only ones who have the opportunity to receive this benefit. HB414 would also allow non-profit organizations who hold special events to be able to receive the same benefits as charitable events.

The bill will also authorize donations of beer, wine, and liquor by non-licensed persons to non-profits and their special events provided that they apply for license with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, and meet these requirements:

a. Operates without profit to the organization’s members.

b. Is exempt from taxation under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.

c. Satisfies at least one of the following requirements: 1. Has been continuously in existence in the state for a minimum of three years. 2. Is affiliated with a parent organization that has been in existence in the state for a minimum of three years. 3. Has reorganized and is continuing its mission under a new name on file with the Secretary of State and with  a new tax identification number after having satisfied the requirements set forth in either subparagraph 1. or 2.

HB414 is scheduled to be considered Thursday on the House special order calendar.