Toddler killed in Huntsville drive-by shooting, arrest imminent

Huntsville toddler Olivia
[Photo Credit: family photo]

A Wednesday evening, drive-by shooting in Huntsville, Ala. has resulted in the death of a toddler.

olivia-huntsville shooting
Olivia [Photo Credit: family photo]

The shooting took place around 7:00 p.m.. Law enforcement officials said 3 year old Olivia was sleeping on the couch in a home located on Murray Road in Huntsville, when a bullet was fired through the front of the house, striking the toddler.

She was taken to Huntsville Hospital in critical condition, but didn’t survive.

Investigators have taken several subjects into custody; they are still being questioned. Huntsville police Lt. Michael Johnson┬ásaid that an arrest is “imminent.”

Because of the toddlers death, law enforcement officers are now calling this a murder investigation.