Lt. Gov. candidate Sen. Rusty Glover drops plan for permanent daylight saving time

clock_daylight savings time
Lt. Governor candidate and Semmes-Republican, state Senator Rusty Glover has introduced a resolution to put the state on permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST).
SJR101, co-sponsored by 27 Republican and Democrat senators, states the U.S. should permanently adopt what is now DST as the new standard for time in the country year-round.

Glover said he was pleased to see so much bipartisan support.

“Like most Alabamians, I would like to see our state keep Daylight Savings Time year round instead of changing our clocks back in the fall,” Glover said in a press release. “Research has shown the immense benefits this would bring to our state and her citizens.”

The resolution also urges President Donald Trump and the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation to allow all requesting states to switch to permanent DST.

Glover’s resolution comes in the wake of neighbor-state Florida passing a similar bill hoping to utilize a similar loophole that applies to states who are split by two time zones, like Alabama. However, Glover says the group of cities who participate in a different time zone on Alabama’s eastern border with Georgia are not recognized by Congress which would make us a split state.

“I believe in Alabama and I believe in her people,” Glover continued. “As Lieutenant Governor I will be a leader and listen to what is important to the people of our state. I’ve heard their requests to keep Daylight Savings Time and I intend to do what I can to change it.”