Mike Huckabee stumps for gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson

Dawson and Huckabee
Mike Huckabee, Bill Bussey, Rick Burgess, and Scott Dawson [Photo Credit: Rick and Bubba via Facebook]

​Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas and ​former ​candidate for President of the United States, joined Republican ​gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson Monday night, along with Alabama radio personalities Rick and Bubba for a “Kickoff to Win Rally.”

“What a joy to be here with the next Governor of Alabama, Scott Dawson,” Huckabee told the crowd as he walked on stage at the Pelham Civic Complex in Pelham, Ala.

Huckabee explained if we’re to save the Republic, our country and states needs politicians willing to change the status quo.

“I really believe we’re in a time in our country where we need disruptive personalities, who are willing and ready and able and committed to go and be different than the kind of politicians that we have had that have led us into a level of trouble that will end this great Republic if we don’t change the course of our country and our individual states,” stated Huckabee.

Huckabee also said Dawson has the sort of humility voters should want in a political leader.

“Here’s why I came… when I got to know Scott I realized here is a person who has something that very few people in political life have, humility,” added Huckabee “Real honest to goodness humility… He’s got an honest assessment of who he is. He doesn’t think he’s better than God thinks he is, or worse than God thinks he is. He just knows who he is and he’s willing to be that servant, that vessel, through whom the Lord can do something extraordinary.”

Dawson will face incumbent Gov. Kay IveyTommy Battle, Bill Hightower, and Michael McAllister in the June 5 Republican primary.

The winner will go on to face the Democrat nominee in the general election, to be selected among: Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell CobbChristopher CountrymanJames FieldsDoug Smith or Anthony White.

Watch Facebook live coverage of the event below: