Walt Maddox releases School Safety Plan

school hallway
[Photo Credit: Kevin Krejci]

With school safety on the forefront of everyone’s minds; Walt Maddox released his school safety plan that he would implement if elected Governor on Wednesday.

“Our children deserve a bright and safe future,” Maddox said on his campaign website. “There is no higher priority for government, for society, than ensuring that our children are protected.”

Legislative officials are under pressure to make a decision regarding school safety given last week’s national school walkout meant to honor the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Parkland, Fla.

In his release, Maddox listed five school safety strategies that he will instill if elected Governor of Alabama:

  • School hardening
  • Training school security officers and staff
  • Restrictions on guns
  • Early identification of potential attacker
  • Support gun control

Maddox will face former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, along with Christopher CountrymanJames FieldsDoug Smith and Anthony White in the June 5 Democratic primary.

The winner will go on to face the Republican nominee in the general election, to be selected among: Gov. Kay IveyTommy Battle, Bill Hightower, Scott Dawson, or Michael McAllister.

Read Maddox’s full school safety plan below:

1. School Hardening

Our schools were built with open doors and were never constructed with the level of security in mind that we now must demand. Our schools have become soft targets for those who want to harm our children and our way of life. All future schools must be designed and built with security as a central focus. In addition to the physical improvements, every Alabama school must be protected by a trained and certified law enforcement professional (School Security Officers).

2. Training school security officers and staff

School Security officers will be highly trained to work with in a school environment. There will also be required active shooter and other school safety training for local law enforcement, staff and administrators. Planning and integration of responses are vital in preventing these incidences or saving lives.

3. Restrictions on guns

No gun will ever be allowed on a school premise at any time except for the trained school security officers.

4. Early identification of potential attacker

Protocols will be in place to identify people who are prone to violence in an effort to prevent any harm. This includes the integration of the Department of Mental Health, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, and local law enforcement and school systems.

5. Support gun control

We will fully support rational gun control efforts to ensure those that are mentally unstable do not get guns.

Together, we can secure our schools, make our children safe, and protect the future by allowing our students to focus on their reason for being there – to improve their minds, expand their knowledge, and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.