Tommy Tuberville endorses gubernatorial candidate Tommy Battle


Former Auburn Head Football Coach Tommy Tuberville on Tuesday announced his endorsement of Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle to be Alabama’s next governor.

“I think we need something different in Montgomery; We need somebody that’s outside the Montgomery rim… I think Tommy Battle is gonna be the guy that people should look at,” said Tuberville.

Tuberville made the endorsement on the Auburn-Opelika This Morning show on the WANI station in Auburn, Ala. He came very close to running for governor himself, but announced in April of 2017 that he decided not to run.

Tuberville applauded Battle’s success of recruiting 24,000 jobs to Alabama since 2010. He also praised Battle’s efforts in putting together the right team to carry out his plan and vision.

Being Governor is “kind of like being a a head football coach,” said Tuberville. “You put together staffs, you know people who can help you make decisions, give you advice, and he’s [Battle] has done that in Huntsville. A lot of people from Birmingham, South, Mobile, Dothan, Auburn they don’t know a lot about Tommy Battle but Huntsville is one of the most growing parts of the country, not just the state of Alabama.”

Battle was thrilled to hear Tuberville’s comments and honored to receive the important endorsement.

“We may be on different sidelines when Alabama and Auburn play each other, but Coach Tuberville and I are on the same team when it comes to moving our great state forward,” said Battle. “I want to thank him for his support. I can’t wait to see Coach Tuberville on the campaign trail.”

Battle will face incumbent Gov. Kay Ivey, Bill Hightower, Scott Dawson and Michael McAllister in the June 5 Republican primary.