Patricia Todd, Alabama’s first gay legislator bids farewell to House

Patricia Todd

Alabama’s first openly gay legislator bid farewell to the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening. Rep. Patricia Todd, a Democrat from Birmingham, will not seek re-election after serving 12 years.

Todd said on the House floor that her colleagues are “incredible, beautiful people” who all treated her with equality, even though some she thought she “would never get along with or like.”

Todd sponsored controversial failed legislation including decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana and adding sexual orientation as a protected category under hate crime law. She said she hoped she “opened up some hearts and minds” and wouldn’t be the last gay legislator. A gay former Marine is one candidate running for her seat.

Todd received a standing ovation after her speech in the House.

Republished with permission from the Associated Press.


  1. Good bye. But I must ask, you are “gay” and therefore a lesbian And the individual running for your seat is “Gay” male and therefore, a homosexual, What is it about your seat that attracts so many “Gay” people?

    Just curious…

    • The USA is like jigsaw puzzle, certain parts of the USA are LGBT friendly, and other parts are hostile towards LGBT people – or people assumed to be LGBT. It just so happens that many of Patricia Todd’s supporters don’t care about her sexuality which is why she was elected.

      • And therein lies the fundamental problem. Some people just don’t care. But I do thank her for her service and wish her a long retirement.

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