Alabama Senate passes resolution condemning Doug Jones’ abortion vote

Bill Hightower_Doug Jones

On Tuesday, the State Senate passed a resolution condemning Alabama’s junior United States Senator Doug Jones for his January vote against legislation banning late term abortions.

Commonly known as the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the legislation would have prohibited abortions after 20 weeks. The bill does provide exceptions for abortions that would be necessary to save the mother’s life or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. It would not allow prosecutors to pursue charges against women who underwent the procedure.

Gubernatorial candidates and Mobile-Republican State Sen. Bill Hightower praised the passage of the resolution, SR109, which he sponsored.

“Senator Jones owes the people of Alabama an explanation for turning his back on a campaign promise he made just a few short months ago,” said Hightower in a statement. “More importantly, Senator Jones needs to explain why he would turn his back on the basic humanity of an individual’s right to life. At 20 weeks in the womb, it is not about a choice, it is about an innocent little baby’s right to live.”

Hightower says the science is clear, “at 20 weeks of pregnancy, a child has a heartbeat, a child feels pain.”

He continued, “What Senator Jones voted against was the basic humanity each and every one has a right to. Perhaps these are the values of Senator Jones’ new liberal colleagues, but they are not the values of Alabama. We deserve better from our Senator in Washington. And innocent children deserve better from us all.”

During his campaign for U.S. Senate, Jones went on record saying “the law for decades has been that late-term procedures are generally restricted except in the case of medical necessity. That’s what I support.” However, when H.R. 36: The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act came before the U.S. Senate for a vote to be brought to the floor, Jones voted against it, essentially killing the bill.

Hightower’s resolution outlines what he calls Jones’ “hypocrisy in claiming to be pro-life during his campaign for United States Senate, while at the same time accepting campaign contributions from extreme pro-choice interests, and then voting with those pro-choice interests rather than with the voters of Alabama who elected him.”


  1. At what point does a child with a heart beat and pulse qualify for Constitutionally guaranteed pursuit of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? 20 weeks, 25 weeks, or when the beating heart transitions from the mother?
    Now if that same child was say 17 or 18 years old, clearly their rights would be violated if someone they did not know attacked them and ripped their body apart, police would be charging the killer with murder. But “unborn” child seems to be treated like a piece of whatever and discarded with impunity. Innocent children deserve better from us all. The mother indeed has rights as does the child. Why do we continue to guard rights of one side while ignoring rights of the innocent unborn child?

  2. Seems like a very reasonable bill. Where does the law sit in Alabama at present? What would have changed with this bill? As someone who disagrees with practically everything the Republican party does *except* nominally respect human life and dignity, I find this very troubling.

  3. If this seems like a reasonable bill, why did the DEMOCRAT Doug Jones oppose it? That’s right, Democrats want to disagree with anything sponsored by Republicans. This isn’t a partisan issue. Not Democrat or Republican. Its about protecting the life of a baby. Unfortunate you disagree with (practically) everything the Republicans (majority) stand for…Soo much good could have been accomplished…

  4. Where did Senator Doug Jones offer any support to a bill that places a twenty week limit on abortions?
    Kinda silly to get indignant over a promise that wasn’t made.

    • “Silly” is giving Senator Doug Jones a hard time over a position he’s never taken.

      If you really want to end abotions, you should know the one and only way to accomplish that goal is to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. So get to it.

  5. Maybe Senator Jones should take a position instead.. Oh that’s right, he voted against the bill that would have prohibited abortions after 20 weeks. So you really would favor allowing abortions at say 30 weeks? How about right up to the 9th month? Oh yes, you have rights. Selfish and insensitive person who subscribes to this thinking. . How about the rights of the unborn child? Your comments regarding ending unwanted pregnancies whenever is revolting. Be glad your mother chose to stay the course allowing you to think and breathe.

    • You should work on your conversational skills. Instead of replying, you simply repeat the BS you said the first time around.

      Who, besides Donald Trump, thinks things get more true the more times you say them?

  6. Was thinking about your question regarding who, other than President Trump, thinks things get more true the more times you say them. Since you asked, the name that immediately comes to mind has initials HRC.
    For the record, I must apologize for stooping to referring to you as a snowflake.

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