Education Trust Fund Budget clears final hurdle, heads to Kay Ivey’s desk


After a day of very few accomplishments, the Alabama State Senate returned Thursday morning to give final approval to the Education Trust Fund Budget.

The $6.6 billion education budget for Fiscal Year 2019, which starts October 1 is the largest education budget for Alabama’s schools since the great recession of 2008. It expands funding for our First-Class Pre-K program, higher education and among other initiatives

The State House approved the budget 98-0 on Tuesday. It now moves to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk for approval. Ivey has already commended the measure’s passage and is expected to sign HB175 without hesitation.

“I am proud to have put forward an Education Trust Fund Budget which represents the largest investment in education in a decade,” said Ivey. “As I have prioritized education, it makes me proud to see that this budget expands funding for our First-Class Pre-K program, higher education and other important initiatives. I appreciate the work of Budget Chairs Senator Arthur Orr and Representative Bill Poole in shepherding the budget and for joining with me in positively impacting education for all of Alabama’s children.”

Ivey concluded, “To invest in education is to invest in our future, and I look forward to cementing that investment by signing this exceptional budget into law.”


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