Roy Moore countersues accuser Leigh Corfman for slander, defamation

Roy Moore

Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate Republican nominee Roy Moore has filed a counterclaim for slander and defamation against Leigh Corfman, who has  accused him of making unwanted sexual advances and filed a defamation lawsuit against him in January.

In a 23-page filing made in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Moore accuses Corfman of making “slanderous” and “libelous” statements to the Washington Post.

“The statements made by Leigh Corfman were slanderous, libelous and were of such magnitude as to amount to defamation of Mr. Moore,” reads the counterclaim. “No evidence other than the self-serving testimony of Leigh Corfman exists to support her contention that she was sexually abused or pursued romantically by Mr. Moore when she was fourteen years of age.”

The claim continues, “Leigh Corfman knowingly, willingly and voluntarily made statements to the Washington Post regarding her alleged sexual abuse by Mr. Moore that she knew to be false. Leigh Corfman knowingly, willingly and maliciously made statements she knew to be false to the Washington Post with the intention and knowledge that such statements would damage the reputation of Mr. Moore.”

Moore claims Corman’s allegations caused “irrevocable damage” to his reputation “that affected the outcome of the Senate election in December 2017.”

“Mr. Moore avers that but for Leigh Corfman making false and malicious statements to members of national and local media, his reputation would not have suffered irrevocable damage that affected the outcome of the Senate election in December 2017,” the counterclaim added.

In November, The Washington Post published a bombshell report with the accounts of Corfman and three other women who claimed Moore sexually pursued them when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens.

Corfman specifically said she was only 14 years old when Moore, then 32, approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. According to the report, he ultimately drove her to his home in the woods,told her she was pretty and kissed her, and then undressed her.

Moore has vehemently denied Corfman’s allegations of abuse, calling them “politically motivated,” “completely false” and “malicious.” She asserts those words are defamatory in the suit.

Corfman is not seeking financial compensation, only legal fees, and is looking for Moore to publicly apologize for what he has said about her. She is also seeking a court-enforced ban on Moore or his campaign that would prohibit him from allegedly criticizing her in the future.

One of Moore’s attorneys said this all has been a “political attempt” to smears Moore’s reputation.

“This is and has been a political attempt to smear the good name and reputation of Judge Roy Moore and we will not let their injustice continue,” attorney Melissa Isaak said Tuesday. “Yesterday we filed claims for slander and defamation against Leigh Corfman, and claimed damages for attorneys fees under the Alabama Litigation Accountability Act. We also continue to argue that this case should be tried in Etowah County and wonder why Leigh Corfman has chosen to file this case in Montgomery and not Etowah County where both she and Judge Moore reside and where her own character and reputation are well known?”