Exclusive: State Auditors office/Jim Zeigler kicked out of State House


Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler on Friday the 13th received written notice from Legislative Council informing him that he is being kicked out of the Alabama State House.

The Legislative Council, which controls office space in the State House, notified Zeigler his lease would not be renewed effective Sept. 30.

“This move is in order to expand the facilities available for legislative purposes,” the letter read.

Zeigler’s only comment was, “We will look for new office space for our auditors. There is no other option.”

The auditor’s offices have been in the State House since July of 2007.

Alabama Today has reached out to to Othni Lathram, Interim Secretary of the Legislative Council, Patrick Harris, Secretary of the State Senate, as well as Jeffrey Woodard, Clerk of the State House for comment and further explanation. None of the parties were still in office and available to comment Friday afternoon.

Read Zeigler’s letter from Legislative Council below.


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