Alabama named top state for gun industry


A new analysis of the 50 states ranked Alabama the top spot in country for the gun industry.

According to Zippia, a website that tracks career and industry data, southern states are the friendliest to the gun industry.

“A general rule of thumb emerged from the data — head south if you are looking to get one of as many as 141,500 jobs generated by companies that make, distribute, and sell guns,” explained Chris Kolmar at Zippia. “Not to mention the the 159,623 jobs in ancillary industries.”

Top ten states for the gun industry:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arkansas
  3. Georgia
  4. Idaho
  5. Arizona
  6. Florida
  7. Indiana
  8. Alaska
  9. Missouri
  10. Louisiana

How the states were ranked

  1. Gun jobs. A composite of the raw number of gun jobs and per capita gun jobs from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, added to the number of licensed manufacturers from the ATF.
  2.  State friendliness to manufacturers. The index took into consideration the number of states laws concerning gun manufacturers and dealers and each state’s percentage of federal excise taxes from the manufacture and sale of guns.
  3. States’ gun cultures. The percentage of homes with guns in each state, the total number of guns in each state, and guns per capita. We factored in the number of regulations on buying guns as well.
  4. Other factors. Factors such as whether a state mandated that manufacturers give employees breaks, if states are right-to-work, and average wages for employees.

National look at gun friendly rankings

[Photo Credit: Zippia]