Randall Woodfin takes unorthodox approach: ‘Give me me your gun… I’ll help you find a job’

Randall Woodfin
[Photo Credit: Randall Woodfin on Facebook]

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin is taking an unorthodox approach to tackling his city’s crime problem.

He’s telling residents that if they’re down on the luck and have a gun to turn it over to him, and he’ll personally help them find a job.

“Give me your gun and I will personally help you get a job,” Woodfin said Saturday morning while speaking with members of the Birmingham Association of Black Journalists according to AL.com.

Thus far in 2018, there have been 34 homicides within Birmingham’s city limits. Only five have been classified
“justifiable,” which is perhaps the reason Woodfin is thinking outside of the box on how to curb crime in his city and offering to personally get involved in the solution.

“We have a full breach of public safety in this community,” he continued. “If we don’t attack crime, nothing else matters.”

But Woodfin doesn’t think he holds all the answers to the city’s problems — he says he’s also open to hearing suggestions from others.

“There is an element in our city that doesn’t care about other people’s lives, Woodfin explained. “If any organization has a better way of stopping them than arresting them, show me. I will sit with them as long as needed… I’m willing to talk with any group, but they’ve got to be on the solutions end.”