Reverend Al Sharpton hosting town hall in Mobile over Waffle House arrest

Al Sharpton

Reverend Al Sharpton, and prominent civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, will be in Mobile on Tuesday to host a town hall meeting on the controversial Saraland Waffle House arrest earlier this week.

The meeting will take place on May 1 at Bethel AME Church at 7 p.m. Chikesia Clemons, the woman who was arrested at the Waffle House will also be at the meeting.

The controversial arrest of Clemons took place last Sunday after she entered a Saraland Waffle House with a group of friends. According the the employees, Clemons was intoxicated and smelled of alcohol when she entered, and then proceeded to act extremely aggressive towards staff members.

Clemons and Canita Adams were asked to leave the establishment after an altercation over plastic utensils; Waffle House corporate policy requires staff members charge $0.50 for customers that wish to use plastic utensils to dine-in.

According to Waffle house employees, after giving the utensils to Clemons free of charge, tensions between the staff members and patrons rose until employees asked Clemons and her group to leave.

They did, but Clemons and Adams returned, “Witnesses, who included six employees and one customer, told police that the two women were loud and used profanities toward employees. ‘Words were used toward the employees such f*ck, b*tch, calling women whores,’ Detective Mims told ‘They were told to cool down and stop using the profanities.’

“‘I’ll come over this counter and beat your f**king ass, bitch I’m gonna have your job, you ain’t gonna be here tomorrow,” said Clemons according to witness statements read by Detective Mims.

Waffle House employees called the Saraland Police who arrested Clemons while she insisted she did nothing wrong.

Clemons mother, Chiquitta Clemons-Howard, told a different story. According to Clomons-Howard, the incident did begin when a Waffle House employee tried to charge Clemons $0.50 for plastic utensils but when she refused to pay for the utensils, the employee responded by canceling her order. Clemons then asked for the district manager’s contact information, and while she was waiting for the employee to bring the district manager’s business card, the police arrived and arrested her.

In an edited video of the incident which has since gone viral, Clemons is shown being pulled out of her chair and after resisting arrest, is thrown onto the ground by Saraland Police Officers. An officer is then heard saying that if she continued to resist the arrest by pulling her arm away while he was trying to handcuff her, her arm would break. Some viewer have said this was a threat however the police department insists it was a warning.

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  1. Good deal. Anyone know if the great Al Sharpton ever paid all of his back taxes? Business within its rights to refuse service to someone who was thought to be drinking. Patron complained about paying 50 cents for plastic form and knife. Guess she was afraid she might have to eat with dirty fork. Assuming use of fork was normal for her. Then, using profanity and showing the world the type person she really was, refused to leave the business. In other words, she was now trespassing and still refused to leave threatening employees and acting poorly. Cops come and ask her to leave. Nope. So they take her to the floor while she is resisting arrest. Lets see, trespass, resisting arrest, assault on a cop and for being stupid.
    Maybe Sharptons presence will calm things down, but I don’t think that’s why he is there.

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