Here’s everyone who BamaCarry has endorsed in the 2018 election cycle


BamaCarry, a Second Amendment gun rights group who prides itself on being “Alabama’s only ‘No Compromise’ gun rights group” has endorsed five candidates in the 2018 election cycle.

The groups believes gun rights should be protected and preserved in the way that the founding fathers stated, and that “that Every Citizen has the right to bear arms in defense of self and state.”

The goal of the organization is to return to those principles and they are currently working to bring Constitutional carry forward in the State of Alabama.

Below are their endorsements:

Scott DawsonGovernor: Scott Dawson

BamaCarry, INC is proud to endorse Scott Dawson for Governor of the Great State of Alabama.

We believe that Scott has the conviction to champion our Second Amendment rights, the courage to stand against liberal elites who constantly seek to chip away at those rights, and the character—built over a lifetime—to follow through on his promises.

Every year in Montgomery, BamaCarry has to combat establishment politicians who infringe upon our freedoms—one small compromise at a time. We believe that Montgomery’s systemic problems can’t be corrected by electing yet another career politician who wants to establish another worthless task force. Alabama needs an outsider who has the passion and the vision to lead this state towards a more bold and conservative future. Scott Dawson is the only candidate in the race who fits this bill.

Therefore, BamaCarry urges all Alabamians who care about respecting our constitutional liberties—and especially preserving our sacred “right to keep and bear arms”—to elect Scott Dawson as the next Governor of Alabama.

Will AinsworthLt. Governor: Will Ainsworth 

“Throughout his time in the Alabama Legislature and in every vote he has cast, Will Ainsworth has proven to be a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and a strong supporter of gun rights for citizens across the state,” said BamaCarry organizer Bruce Wade. “Will Ainsworth understands that gun free zones put law-abiding citizens in danger, and his plan allowing teachers to voluntarily carry firearms is the only proposal that will defend our classrooms and protect our children.”

Alice MartinAttorney General: Alice Martin

“Alice Martin is the only Attorney General candidate for those who care about protecting their second amendment rights here in Alabama,” said BamaCarry President Eddie Fulmer. “She is a fighter who will not bow down to the pressures from liberals in and outside of Alabama. She has removed more corrupt elected officials than any other AG! We believe she will do all that’s possible to “clean up” our Statehouse. She is also a firm believer in the Constitution. BamaCarry, INC is proud to endorse her in this race, and our full support is behind her.”

Jim ZeiglerState Auditor: Jim Zeigler

Jim Zeigler is a man with convictions who cares about protecting our Second Amendment rights in Alabama! He has fought against gun-free zones and no-gun signs on public property and supports Constitutional carry. Jim believes we should have NO conditions on Constitutional rights.

Jim has been a member of BamaCarry since we first formed and has participated in every one of our BamaCarry Firearm Freedom Conferences.

We believe Jim Ziegler is a fighter who will not end to pressure from liberals in and outside of Alabama. Fighting corruption, He filed the initial ethics complaint against former governor Robert Bentley and has worked to clean up our state government.

BamaCarry Inc. is proud to endorse Jim Zeigler in the race for State Auditor, and our full support is behind him.

Court of Criminal Appeals: Chris McCool

Chris currently serves as District Attorney for the 25th Judicial Circuit of Alabama (Fayette, Lamar, and Pickens Counties), and has been a trial court prosecutor for more than two decades. He has a proven record of 25 years of trial-level experience that is needed on the Court of Criminal Appeals.

He has a history of vigorously prosecuting violent crimes, property crimes, sexual assaults, and public corruption case in his circuit.

Chris is a farmer who grew up working hard and understands our Alabama values when it comes to gun ownership and gun rights. He is a husband, a father of four, and a pastor, who approaches decisions from the basis of common sense and fairness.

We believe he will take his practical courtroom experience and common sense to the appellate courts of this State, and will seek to do justice and to apply the rule of law as a judge.

Chris is also a firm believer in the Constitution. BamaCarry, INC is proud to endorse Chris McCool for Place 2, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, and our full support is behind him.