Board of Education approves new superintendent Eric Mackey’s contract

[Photo Credit: Eric Mackey facebook page]

The Alabama Board of Education approved new State Superintendent, Eric Mackey‘s compensation package and contract worth $311,000 on Thursday with a 7 to 2 vote.

Mackey, who beat out Hoover City Schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy and Jefferson County Superintendent Craig Pouncey for the position in late April, starts on Monday.

The contract details include a base salary of $245,000 a year for the initial three-year term, a $21,000 annual housing allowance, state-owned vehicle for official travel, reimbursement of up to $5,000 for professional development activities annually, and professional association dues.

Mackey will also receive a 3 percent raise each year starting in 2019, unless the board votes against it.

Board of Education Vice President, Montgomery Republican Stephanie Bell and board member, Montgomery Democrat Ella Bell were the two board members who voted no to Mackey’s contract.

Stephanie Bell told that the contract was not taxpayer-friendly, and gave too much control to Mackey and not enough to the board.

Ella Bell said she did not agree with the amount of the raise, stating that teachers will only be receiving a 2.5 percent raise next year.

Another point of dissatisfaction from Bell was that the contract does not require and  annual evaluation. She said the evaluation should be required, while other board members said the decision should be made year by year.

If the board does find fault with Mackey’s performance, they must make a specific proposal for changes.

Mackey has an extensive background in education, serving as a former teacher, principal and city superintendent, and has been serving as  the executive director of the School Superintendent Association of Alabama since 2010.