We need to focus on results, not rumors

whisper gossip

In what universe does a “champion” of the LGBTQ community take to social media in an attempt to “out” another politician/individual as a homosexual?

Giving no credence to the accusation itself, I can’t help but wonder why someone who has spent their career advocating for equality and fairness for all, would taking a parting shot meant only to create division, before they head down to Orlando for their new job, to use social media to bully another individual.

I will say here what I said when Gov. Robert Bentley‘s personal life became the subject of public discussion, tabloid style innuendo and gossip throughout the State House and every other nook and cranny of Montgomery: unless an individual’s personal life directly impacts their work (which we found to be the case with Gov. Bentley and Rebecca Mason), an individual’s personal life should remain just that. Their personal business.

Gov. Kay Ivey is running on a platform of bolstering jobs across the state, of transparency and accountability in government (though we all know I’ve had someone questions about that lately), and any innuendo about her personal life — whether she’s heterosexual or homosexual or anything in between — is none of the voter’s business.

Frankly, I won’t be voting for or against Ivey based on her personal life. I’ll be voting for the best candidate for the office of governor, as I do with all candidates and races, based on the merits of each persons qualifications and the direction that I want the state to move in.

In this day and age, where society has made much progress towards accepting different lifestyles and choices, we should not speculate about one’s sexuality and it certainly shouldn’t be used as a weapon as Rep. Todd tried to do this week. Again, what is happening in ones bedroom doesn’t really matter in terms of ability to do a given job so long as there aren’t any professional complications to go with the personal actions.

Anyone perpetuating this rumor should be ashamed of themselves and needs to focus on the things that really matter for our state and the people in it.

We need to focus on results, not rumors. Alabama is at a turning point where we’re slowly making headway against the Bentley fall out and the national headlines that stemmed from the U.S. Senate race. Let’s concentrate on the positive and we have plenty of that at the moment.