Gov. Bentley threatens to veto House budget proposal


Gov. Robert Bentley issued a veto threat on the budget proposal that came out of the House earlier Thursday, saying that the more than $200 million in proposed budget cuts would hurt state residents and still not solve the need for revenue.

“This budget is unworkable, it’s irresponsible, it really hurts people,” Bentley told reporters. “The people who depend on the general fund for services – and that really includes everybody in the state of Alabama – will be hurt by this budget.”

The House Ways and Means Budget committee passed a general fund budget Thursday morning, recommending level funding for Medicaid, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Human Resources, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. Other agencies that appropriated through the General Fund would see a 2 percent budget cut.

Bentley said he would veto the bill if it manages to pass both the House and Senate, and that the deep cuts imposed by the budget may help legislators see the need to increase revenue.

“I believe there still is an opportunity for some revenue bills,” Bentley said. “Not much, there’s not many days left. I think that a Special Session is certainly more likely.”

Here’s a video from his statement this morning:

 Gov. Robert Bentley’s Thursday response to House budget proposal.