Ann Eubank: Looking for parents in Comprehensive Counseling plan

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Thursday morning, I attended the AL School Board monthly work session where they presented the Alabama Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools.

The “mission” of this program is to prepare every student academically, “socially” and “emotionally.” That sounds great on the surface. However, the question is “where are the parents in this plan?”

The schools are implementing this plan with the attitude that they are better prepared to raise your child than you are. Schools are part of the government system where parental control is no longer viewed as the ultimate authority over their children.

This is another tentacle of the Common Core/Alabama Plan 2020. The standards included in this program include data collection from K-12, follows to college and workforce, with or without parental consent.

Ms Cindy Wiley, of Shelby County Schools, gave a very positive overview of the plan to the board without going into the possible negative impact on student and parent relationship. Are they overstepping the boundaries of the family?

The entire board will vote on this plan at the June meeting. Those of us who object to the destruction of the family need to let our feelings be known. Call your Board Representative and voice your opinion. (334) 242-9950. Also call your Senator and tell them to vote for SB101 which repeals Common Core.

Ann Eubank is co-chair of Rainy Day Patriots (Jefferson/Shelby County), and the legislative chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs. Ann is a frequent visitor of the Statehouse and has bridged the gap between strong advocate and respected resource for members. She is also a member of the Alabamians United for Excellence in Education Taskforce and several other Stop Common Core groups.